The Bard Buskers are a theatre company, based in Hampshire UK, specialising in the works of William Shakespeare.

The Bard Buskers was founding by Arthur Wood in January 2017, when quite literally began “busking” with Shakespeare monologues on the street. It was on the street that we experienced the joy that comes from connecting with an audience through language in the here and now. It was surprising how many people recognised the beautiful lines of poetry and was the common culture that brought people together on the street.

The company has greatly developed since with Charlotte Teschner joining, helping to develop their two shows: The Seven Ages of Shakespeare and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It was a pleasure to debut these at the Winchester Hat Fair, The Curious Arts Festival as well as Bard Busking for Bristol Shakespeare Festival. As well as performing on the street, festivals and theatres we have also been booked for private events (such as leaving parties).

We like to think we are bringing some poetic beauty into a world that can otherwise be very cooperate and stale. We love when people interact with our performances and enter into conversations with us and the other spectators. Seeing the smiles or thoughtful expressions on people's faces, or very young children hearing and absorbing Shakespeare for the first time, is magic.

Performing is a joyful experience for us, bringing the most beautiful words in the English language to other people. I hope you appreciate what we are doing and can support us in any way you can, keeping poetry and performance at the centre of life and Making All The World A Stage.



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